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Would you tell us about your experience in the industry that has made you the hairdresser you are today?

I was always fascinated with artistry of hair. Ever since I was 13 years of age I have worked in a salon. Loving every minute and learning every day, always challenging myself to further my career 


You are cited as being someone who is extremely good at color correction, where does this passion  

I would learn about every brand of color, by attending any color class in the area and beyond I would study everything about hair color. I became the first in my city to be American board Certified 

It is not just about technical excellence that you care about


Although you devote much of your time to the salon floor, you are increasingly tied up with shows, education, and shoots. What has been your greatest accolade?

I have enjoyed all the adventures that I have been so fortunate to be a part of.


So, what ambition does the future hold?   Looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with the younger stylist and help them achieve their future!

I love the hair industry and everyone who I have had the pleasure to study under and learn from the best in the industry.

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